Looking for new ways to promote the Philadelphia Miles for Melanoma 5K event and encourage your community to join or donate to your team? Check out our pre-made graphics and recommended social media tags that you can use leading up to the event day!

Click HERE to download the Philadelphia SAVE THE DATE graphic.

Philly Save the Date.png

Click HERE to download the I WALK FOR fill in the blank graphic.

MFM I Walk For Graphic Philly-1.png

Click HERE to access the 2023 Philadelphia Miles for Melanoma 5K Photos

Philly 1.jpg  Philly 2.jpg  Philly 3.jpg

MRF hashtags include:
  • #MFMPhiladelphia
  • #curemelanoma
  • #MRF
MRF social media accounts YOU can tag!
  • Facebook: @MelanomaResearchFoundation
  • Instagram: @Curemelanoma
  • Twitter: @CureMelanoma
  • TikTok: @CureMelanoma
  • LinkedIn: @MelanomaResearchFoundation

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