2024 Philadelphia Miles for Melanoma

Team Kathy's Cakes

​Mucosal melanoma is an aggressive form of cancer representing ~1% of all melanoma cases. It develops in the mucous membranes, like those that line the sinus and nasal passages. Unlike cutaneous (skin) melanoma, it is not thought to be related to UV light exposure; in fact, definitive risk factors are yet to be determined. Sinonasal mucosal melanoma (SNMM) incidence is ~0.5 people per 1 million per year, illustrating its rarity. The estimated 5-year survival rate is ~0-35%. Therefore, the need for increased awareness and research into this rare, aggressive, and often insidious cancer with poor outcomes cannot be overemphasized. 

Miles for Melanoma Philadelphia 2024 coincidentally falls on Kathy's 68th birthday, August 24th. Let's honor her memory and help do our part to limit the chances others will have to endure the same devastating loss of a truly amazing person. 

Team Kathy's Cakes!

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